The CES-MED Project presents its short Movie:  

"The Mediterranean an Infinite Energy”;

Insights into the challenges faced and actions taken
by cities and national authorities to apply sustainable energy policies
and solutions, and to counter the effects of Climate Change.


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Urban development and sustainable energy challenges in the Southern Mediterranean countries

Today, about 460 million people live in countries in the Mediterranean region. Of these, two-thirds live in urban areas concentrated in coastal zones. The southern Mediterranean countries account for over 30% of the region’s population and this percentage is continuously increasing. Most cities in the southern Mediterranean region face similar challenges related to urban development, energy supply, and environmental management, particularly with regards to water and waste management. Needs in areas of urban management are particularly significant: e.g. transport systems, water and waste infrastructure, clean energy and energy saving.

Hence, over the coming years, needs related to urban development and sustainable energy are expected to increase sharply in view of growing population and limited sustainable planning and management capacities.

CES-MED in brief

  • Project Kick-Off January 2013
    The CES-MED project started with a 36 month duration and regional offices in Rabat and Beirut started to operate to support project implementation in Maghreb and Mashreq.
  • Project extension December 2015
    After the original project duration, the CES-MED project received an 18 month extension period.
  • 2nd Project extension July 2017
    Second project extension from 54 to 63 months.
    9 more months to go for CES-MED up till April 2O18!
  • Project completion April 2018
    The CES-MED project will finish on April 2018, after having benefited selected Local Authorities in the eight Countries covered by the ENPI South region: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.